About Interreg and Focus IN CD

Interreg Central Europe is a cohesion policy programme of the European Union (EU) and part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). With a total funding budget of 246 million €, it encourages and supports cooperation beyond borders and between public and private organisations. Interreg CE projects fall into four different thematic priorities, comprising Innovation, Low Carbon, Culture & Environment, and Transport. 

The project "Focus IN CD - Innovative patient centered health care services - advantages of establishing a close CE network in celiac disease patient health care", No. CE111, belongs to the priority Innovation. With a funding of nearly 1.9 Mio € it aims to substantially improve and harmonize the care of people with celiac disease in Central Europe. Twelve partners from Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia are actively involved in this outstanding initiative. 

One of the main aspects of this project is the development of e-tools, particularly e-learning programmes for celiac patients but also for health care professionals in order to increase the knowledge about this chronic food intolerance. Learn more about Focus in CD and visit the project's website

Last modified: Tuesday, 12 July 2022, 12:57 PM